Google+ version 2.6 for Android

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Google has recently unveiled an updated Google+ app with plenty of highly requested features for Android. This new improved app features the option to start a hangout on the go, ring the folks that matter most and allows users to edit post inline.

Google+ version 2.6 for Android
~ Google+ version 2.6 for Android ~

It offers new and fresh user-interface with a built-in stream to display content that can be easily shared across the social network. Users can also start a hangout directly from their mobile device as well as connect face-to-face– with their friends at anytime from anywhere.

To get started, user can simply tap “Hangout” in the navigation ribbon, add some friends and tap “Start”. The app will ring their phones and if someone missed the hangout, they can ring the user back with a single tap.

When the user shares within their circles, it will be delivered to their friends within the particular circles that the user wishes to deliver to. It saves the time and works on sharing their favourites to the related friends in different circles.

Summary of the features,
1. A navigation ribbon that slides in and out for quick access to just about everything.
2. The ability to download photos directly from Google+ and possible to use as wallpaper.
3. The chance to edit post inline, in case any mistakes are spotted while on the go.

The update is available now from Google Play, version 2.6.

Information via googleblog.


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