Fish lowers colon cancer risk

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Fish lowers colon cancer risk
~ Fish lowers colon cancer risk ~

People who eat plenty of fish may have a lower risk of colon cancer and even more rectal cancer, according to an analysis of 41 studies from around the world. The analysis which appeared in the American Journal of Medicine is the latest report that ties fish consumption to a number of possible health benefits.

Researchers at Xinjing Hospital, China had combined the results from 41 studies published between 1990 and 2011 that measured fish consumption and tracked cancer diagnoses. This included research from the United States, Norway, Japan, Finland and elsewhere. The findings from this meta-analysis suggest that fish consumption is inversely associated with colorectal cancer.

Overall, regularly eating fish was tied to a 12% lower risk of developing or dying of colon or rectal cancer, the researchers found. That was after taking into account study participants’ age, alcohol and red meat intake, family history of cancer and other risk factors.

People who rarely eat fish may experience health benefits in a variety of areas by increasing their fish consumption. The protective effect tied to fish consumption was stronger for rectal cancer that colon cancer. People who ate the highest amounts of fish had a 21% lower risk of getting rectal cancer than those who ate the least. That compared to just a 4% lower risk of colon cancer. The new study focused specifically on fresh fish, and the authors noted that they were unable to pinpoint what types of fish people ate or the manner in which fish was prepared in the prior studies.

Information via Reuters.


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