Facebook new Groups For Schools service

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Facebook has introduced its new service called as Groups For Schools that targeting students, lecturers and those professional users, from a single institution with a common .edu email address to have their own exclusive group.

Facebook new Groups For Schools service
~ Facebook new Groups For Schools service ~

It allows students to share files, information and communication between the group members as well as create protected subgroups within the group that inaccessible by other members who are outside their educational community.

Facebook has begun the testing for school groups at Brown and Vanderbilt since December 2011 and now this service is ready to expand for all the campuses across the whole nation. One of the features of the Groups For Schools is the ability to share files, it allows groups member to upload and share assignments, schedule, lecture notes of 25MB among the members.

With the Groups For Schools, students can see what are actually happened around the campus, find group for their classes, clubs, post files and easy message other students and teachers.

Information via facebook.


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