Brain Triggers

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Brain Triggers
~ Brain Triggers ~

A professor of psychology at Ohio State University and author Gary Wenk discusses on how food acts like a drug for your brain in the online neuroscience section of the original science content magazine seed.

“The distinction between what is considered a food or a drug is becoming increasingly difficult to define”, explained by Wenk.

Here are the examples of what certain foodstuff can do to you,
1. Potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants help with memory formation.
2. Fava beans can make you feel a bit better.
3. Milk, eggs, cheese, spinach, mushrooms, pumpkin and various fish and grains can make you feel no pain and trigger “morphine-like chemicals” in the brain.
4. Dairy products make babies euphoric.
5. Too much nutmeg can make you hallucinate.

The brain health site recommends eating these foods to keep your brain fit. Wild salmon, minimally processed cacao beans, green tea powder, berries, blueberries and coffee.

Source Credit: theSun newspaper.


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