Beauty aid in food

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Beauty aid in food
~ Beauty aid in food ~

Nutrition experts say we can slowly eat our way to having a glowing complexion and looking younger. Many foods are beauty aids that make expensive creams and treatments unnecessary. Their effects are not immediate, though, food is not medication that works overnight.

Rather than having a short-term impact, many foods have a preventative and above all, lasting effects. This means it is never too late to start holding back the skin’s ageing process a bit and ensuring a glowing complexion.

Skin ageing has a lot to do with subdermal inflammation and can be resisted with the right natural products. Meat, sausage or other animal foods are wrinkle accelerators because they contain arachidonic acid, which is also formed in our body when we eat foods containing omega-6 fatty acids such as margarine and sunflower oil.

The same, goes for free radicals, a type of unstable molecule that multiplies as a result of improper nutrition, sunlight and smoking and attacks the body’s cells. But there are dietary counterweights. Berries have a strong protective effect against free radicals, they have got a lot of antioxidants, referring to substances that interact with and stabilize free radicals.

And the rule is, the darker, the better. A glass of elderberry juice has the protective potential of 14 glasses of red grape juice and 55 glasses of apple juice. A small amount of sour berries also covers a person’s daily requirement of vitamin C, which improves the elasticity of the skin and promotes digestion. Spinach, too, has an enormous protective effect, which 100 grams of it packs the protective punch of 240g of rucola or 1,900g of cucumbers.

Broccoli is also a highly beneficial food, with an almost medicinal effect like many other green vegetables, which thanks to their high vitamin B content alleviate minor inflammations and promote a fresh and healthy complexion. And also green tea, a beauty aid beloved of fashion models. The carotenoids in tomatoes and carrots not only delay skin ageing but also protect against the sun.

Most people forget that they are exposed to the sun every day and do not put on sunscreen, and regular consumption of tomato and carrot products provide a sun protection factor of four. What is more, eating carrots results in a fresh-looking complexion. A healthy diet also includes carbohydrates and fats, both of which our body needs.

The whole-grain products contain carbohydrates and are, like fruit and vegetables, rich in dietary fibre. They promote regular digestion, which is also a prerequisite for beautiful skin. In addition, eating omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in walnut oil and rapeseed oil. Proteins have anti-ageing qualities and can also repair minor skin damage.

Our skin is made up of collagen, which is formed from building blocks of protein. Collagen is needed for the formation and replacement of body cells. The ideal foods in this regard are sour milk products such as yoghurt, whey and buttermilk, which provide plenty of protein but are low in calories.

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