Bar10der 10-in-1 bartending tool

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The Bar10der is the first and brand new 10-in-1 bartending tool in one sleek design, it is easy to mix, create and serve a perfect drink by using this tool. Bar10der allows users to mix up their favorite cocktails and mocktails easily than before.

Bar10der 10-in-1 bartending tool
~ Bar10der 10-in-1 bartending tool ~

It comes with high-quality stainless steel and compact is size, which measures 8.75 x 1 x 1 inches. It utilizes Bisphenol-A (BPA)-free plastic and ergonomic rubber for the handler, which make it saves and easier to wash.

The mixed 10 bartending tools including,
1. Strainer – Separates ice from liquid.
2. Corkscrew – To uncork the bottle of wine.
3. Bottle Opener – To pop the top off a beer or mixer.
4. Channel Knife – Creates twists and other garnishes.
5. Zester – Captures the tang and aroma of citrus fruits.
6. Reamer – Adds freshly squeezed juice from the favorite fruits.
7. Jigger – Gets a perfect half ounce or one ounce pour every time.
8. Stirrer – Blends cocktails thoroughly and it can expand up to inches.
9. Knife – A four inch knife to slice and dice ingredients and garnishes.
10. Muddler – Uses to crush fruit, herbs, spices and more to extract flavors.

Bar10der is now available for $49.99 from their official website.

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