Apogee reveals Quartet, the high-end audio interface

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Apogee Electronics Corp., the leading manufacturer of digital audio hardware system and related accessories for audio professional and musicians, has revealed its new Quartet, which is a professional USB audio interface to provide desktop recording for Mac users.

Apogee Quartet, the high-end audio interface
~ Apogee Quartet, the high-end audio interface ~

Apogee Quartet is high-end audio interface that features four inputs and eight output of industry-leading Analog to Digital or Digital to Analog conversion technology as well as four world class mic preamps. Quartet has also bridged the gap between the two-channel Apogee Duet and the eight-channel Apogee Ensemble.

Quartet can connect up to four microphones, instruments, keyboards or line inputs. Users can plug-in their MIDI controller or keyboard to expand with up to eight digital inputs. It can monitor with up to three sets of speakers or in 5.1 surround. Quartet is perfect audio tool to take the audio performance and sound quality to the next level.

Quartet comes with ergonomic, angular design as well as intuitive user interface. It has QuickTouch pads for easy input/ output option and there is a single controller knob to conduct it all to make Quartet becomes the studio control center for the Mac users.

More specifications of Quartet,
1. Three assignable touch-pads.
2. MIDI input (USB-A type connector).
3. Two top panel high-resolution OLED displays.
4. Six touch-pads for direct inputs and outputs operations.
5. Supports for USB 2.0 high-speed Mac audio interface.
6. It works with any Core Audio compatible application such as Logic, Final Cut Ableton Live, pro Tools 9 and 10.

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