Acronova Nimbie USB Plus, the disc loading system

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Acronova Technology Inc., the company that produces innovative and affordable disc related applications, has selling its new Nimbie USB Plus.

Acronova Nimbie USB Plus, the disc loading system
~ Acronova Nimbie USB Plus, the disc loading system ~

Acronova Nimbie USB Plus is an automated disc loading system with disc capacity of 100 and it is equipped with a Blu-ray writer and USB 3.0 interface for multiple applications such like disc burning, ripping, archiving.

With the advantage of the USB 3.0 interface, it allows data transfer speed of up to 5GB per second and supports for burring Blu-ray discs at the maximum speed of 12 times. The QQripper software allows Nimble USB Plus converts the music CD collection to digital formats such as MP3, WMA and so on. It supports third party software for applications such as DVD-video ripping, data backup and disc catalog.

The QQGetTray software makes the device’s autoloader to work with selected third party software applications on Mac and turn all the disc burning, ripping, cataloging discs into automated process. Nimbie USB Plus is smart enough to automatically reject bad discs and separate the bad copies from the good ones.

Also, the QQboxx Pro3 software helps the device to manage multiple jobs. Users can set up in advance, so the device will automatically process all the scheduled tasks one after one in the order. Besides these, Nimbie USB Plus has Software Development Kit (SDK) available for software engineers to utilize Nimble USB Plus for applications require automatic disc burning and labeling.

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