Zoom R8, an ultra-portable music production solution

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Zoom, a Japanese audio company that produces effect pedals for guitars, basses, recording equipment and drum machines for the musicians, has recently introduced its ultra-portable R8, which is the scaled down model of its turbo-charged design of the R24 for music production solution.

Zoom R8, an ultra-portable music production solution
~ Zoom R8, an ultra-portable music production solution ~

R8 comes with combination of four production tools in a single device; it is a 8-track recorder that utilizes SD memory; an audio interface; a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) control surface; drum pads and a rhythm machine.

R8 is an ideal tool for musicians to capture audio on the go and it allows recording of two tracks and playback of eight tracks of audio at up to 24-bit/ 48KHz resolution at the same time. Musicians can record live music performances, rehearsals, mixed audio songs, audio for film/ video, and its undo/ redo function allows cancelling the last recording audio and restoring the previous state.

It has an audio interface to support two input and two outputs and it can be connected to a computer via USB cable. Users can use their favorite DAW or the included Cubase LE software to manipulate their audio tracks. Users can also use the control surface for DAW transport function such as play, record, stop and mixing operations.

1. Supports SDHC memory cards with capacities up to 32GB.
2. More than 140 DSP effects, which including guitar amp modeling.
3. Operated by an AC adapter, batteries or USB bus power.
4. Move multiple faders at the same time without using a mouse.
5. Its built-in sampler functions support 8-voice sampler with 8 pads.
6. Included 2GB SD card with 500MB of drum loops from Big Fish Audio.
7. Included 10 types of drum kits that use linear PCM audio samples.
8. 427 preset patterns for introduction, fills, endings and phrase variations.
9. Built-in stereo microphones for clear recordings of vocal and acoustic instruments.
10. Tuner and metronome functions for quickly tuning instruments and checking vocal pitch.

Information via zoom.


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