Xi3 Corporation new ChromiumPC Modular Computer

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Xi3 Corporation, an Utah based ISYS Technologies Company, has announced its new ChromiumPC Modular Computer, which is the World’s first desktop computer running Google’s Chrome operating system comes in a small form factor and low-power (20 Watts) consumption dual-core modular.

Xi3 Corporation new ChromiumPC Modular Computer
~ Xi3 Corporation new ChromiumPC Modular Computer ~

The Xi3 computer architecture is designed to support any x86-based operating system, which includes Windows, Linux, Unix and even open source operating systems. So this new ChromiumPC computer can be adapted to run other operating systems and users can switch the operating system by swapping out one of the three boards inside the computer.

The ChromiumPC comes with aluminum chassis enclosure that contains three small and interconnected modules, which are the processor modular; the primary I/O modular; and the secondary I/O modular.

These three modules form the basis of motherboard, which the processor module housing the microprocessor and RAM; the primary I/O module typically housing the majority of the external communications ports; and the secondary I/O module typically housing Ethernet video and power connections.

It is unlike to other traditional computers as Xi3 computer architecture allows users to change its personality and functionality of an Xi3 Modular Computer. Xi3 ChromiumPC Modular Computer will begin to sale on 4th July 2011.

Information via xi3.


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