Toshiba Mobile Display new LTPS TFT LCD Panel

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Toshiba Mobile Display (TMD), an industry leader in small and media sized LCDs for mobile phones, portable PCs and in-vehicle displays, has recently developed its new 7-inch LTPS (Low-Temperature Poly-Silicon) TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) LCD panel for vehicle-mounted and industrial use.

Toshiba Mobile Display new LTPS TFT LCD Panel
~ Toshiba Mobile Display new LTPS TFT LCD Panel ~

Due to increase number of smartphones, in-vehicle car navigation system, tablet-type PCs, TMD has developed high-tech LCD panel in response to the increasing demand for in-cell touch-panel LCDs. This LCD panel is compact, smaller in size and best to build on more compact products for mobile applications, which reduces the impact on the environment by saving resources and power; further reduction of thickness, weight and intuitive multi-touch input features.

By compare to the conventional LCDs panel, TMD new developed TFT LCD panel reduces the thickness by 57 percent or approximately one milimeter; reduces the weight by 48 percent or approximately 225 grams; reduces the surface reflection ratio by 10 percent.

TMD new LCD panel supports multi-touch input on the display screen and it enables an integrated touch-panel function by forming the display pixel electrodes and TFT within the LCD panel using the LTPS TFT technology and creating a detecting circuit for electrostatic capacitance changes between the electrodes and the peripheral object.

More features on this new LCD panel.
1. Supports consistent and fast-responding touch panel operation.
2. Enables the screen panel to respond easily to light finger touches.
3. A Proprietary sensor circuit to suppress possible interference with various signals in the LCS panel.

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