Tembo Trunks classic horn technology

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A creative design team from Australia has introduced their creative Tembo Trunks, which are the first collapsible earbud speakers for iPods and iPhones. It can be easily attached to the Apple earbuds and turned into a set of portable, innovative stereo speakers.

Tembo Trunks classic horn technology
~ Tembo Trunks classic horn technology ~

Tembo Trucks use the classic horn technology to amplify the music tunes up to 80 decibels. They are non-electrical and indestructible accessory that made from high-grade silicone rubber and they are perfect solution for travelers and users who like to please their ears and share music in casual setting.

They are completely dust proof, shockproof, waterproof, washable, light weight, flexible and stack-able. They can produce clarity-enhanced stereo sound and the volume from Tembo Trunks is sufficient for lots of situations such as traveling, camping, in the office, beside the bed, or near the swimming pool.

Tembo Trunks do not use batteries or drain power like other traditional speakers or docking stations. Users just need to attach the iPod or iPhone earbuds into it, then it will amplify the music anywhere and anytime for indoors and outdoors events.

Tembo Trunks are the developing project that currently listed in Kickstarter for funding. It will be available soon for $39 and four selectable colors, which are Blue, Green, Ruby Red and Gray.

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