TASCAM’s new hand-held recorder with adjustable Mics

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TASCAM, a dedicated company to make innovative products for capturing creativity in the field of music and audio, has recently introduced its DR-07mkII, a new hand-held recorder with adjustable microphones and high-resolution audio quality that best for musician or reporters.

TASCAM new DR-07mkII hand-held recorder
~ TASCAM new DR-07mkII hand-held recorder ~

DR-07mkII is a stereo recorder that features a pair of adjustable condenser microphones. These two built-in microphones can be adjusted from XY position for tight imaging, to AB position for a wider ambient sound.

The stereo recorder comes with dedicated power supply and capable to covert analog to digital or digital to analog sounds. It has separate analog and digital circuit boards and low impedance circuit design tends to have relatively low voltage and high current.

The peak reduction function from the stereo recorder helps to set optimum recording level and avoid the over level during the recording. The quick menu can be used in playback; change the auto level setting or limiting; advanced settings such as full-featured setup menu.

This portable stereo recorder has build-in Overdub mode, which is a technique to add a supplementary recorded sound to a previously recorded performance but keeps a copy of the original version. DR-07mkII has included Auto Record, Auto Mark settings and re-verb effect is also provided to enhance the sounds recording.

TASCAM DR-07mkII will be available for $279.99.

Information via tascam.


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