Synology launches new XS Series of NAS Servers

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Synology, an energetic company that specializes in developing high-performance, reliable, environmental friendly Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers, has recently launched its new XS Series of NAS Servers for large scale businesses.

Synology launches new XS Series of NAS Servers
~ Synology launches new XS Series of NAS Servers ~

The new XS Series NAS Servers are specially designed with large storage capacity and better performance. It comes with affordable price, which measures $0.25 per 1GB when paired with enterprise-class hard drives. A single NAS server is expandable up to 100TB or more with expansion units and connected by using InfiniBand cables that capable to carry 12GB per second high-bandwidth connectivity.

The new XS Series is equipped with Intel Core processor, which ensures the NAS servers to deliver data throughput in more than 1,000MB per second and 100,000 IOPS (Input Output Per Second). The NAS Servers provide reliable support on all network ports; hot-swappable drives capabilities; and expandable ECC RAM module. The servers feature a multi-tasking web-based user interface for the hardware settings.

The NAS Servers only consume up to 128 Watts in operation and 78 Watts when hibernated. Once the Deep Sleep mode is enabled, the expansion units can saving the electric cost by reduce up to 95% of power consumption. Besides these, each of the NAS Server is powered by DiskStation Manager 3.1.

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