Sifteo cubes, the Intelligent Play Platform

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Sifteo, a talented group of technology developer, has announced the availability of its Sifteo cubes for pre-order on their official website. Sifteo cubes have all kinds of puzzle; word-finding; pattern-matching games for gamers to get exercise the brain and hands to meet the challenge.

Sifteo cubes, the Intelligent Play Platform
~ Sifteo cubes, the Intelligent Play Platform ~

It is Intelligent Play Platform with unique gameplay for kids and adults. Gamers can use their hands to move, shake, flip, rotate and neighbor the Sifteo cubes. It combines classic play patterns from the games like chess, dominoes and jigsaw puzzles with interactive game technology to make the games more exciting, challenging and have fun at all the time.

Sifteo cubes are work with the computer and plays with sound on the computer. It is compatible with Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 as well as Mac OS 10.5 above. The Sifteo cubes are powered by battery and it can play up to four hours on a single charge, the cubes will turn off automatically when not in use. The games work great with three Sifteo cubes and even better with up to six Sifteo cubes.

Besides these, Sifteo also announced the availability of the Sifteo Creativity Kit, which included with the purchase of the Sifteo pack. The kit enables the gamers to customize unlimited gameplay experiences for themselves and easily create a range of mini-games tailored to their interests from learning to strategic.

The benefits of playing the Sifteo cubes,
1. Patterns and perception, to understand trends and develop hypotheses.
2. Corporation and collaboration, to build and refine social skills with other people.
3. Strategy and planning, to gain higher-level thinking and improve problem solving skills.
4. Spatial reasoning, to understand relationship between object in terms of distance and orientation.

Sifteo cubes are available for $149 for the Starter pack, which including 3 Sifteo cube; charging dock; AC adapter and USB wireless link.

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