Samsung demonstrates its foldable AMOLED display

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Samsung’s research labs have developed a prototype of AMOLED screen that can be folded into half size. Samsung has also demonstrated their new technology at this year’s CES, which including the 4.5-inch flexible and 19-inch transparent displays.

Samsung's foldable AMOLED display
~ Samsung’s foldable AMOLED display ~

This is not the first time that Samsung to show their foldable screen products. They introduced a foldable TV in December last year and now the company focuses on foldable AMOLED display that might target for cell phones and tablets.

The foldable display came with a flat screen of the design that two panels can be joined together and folded and unfolded many times without break the screen. Samsung had tested the prototype by folding 100,000 cycles and only lost 6 percent of the brightness from the center.

The prototype features a protective glass cover that could also function as a touch-screen display. Although Samsung has a foundation of developing this foldable screen technology but for the real commercialization, some new processes and materials need to be developed and it might take about one to two years time to go.


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