Phase One announces IQ series of Digital Camera Backs

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Phase One, a Danish manufacturer that specializes in high-end digital photography equipments, has recently announced its new IQ series of digital camera backs. Normally the digital camera back is a device that attaches to the camera in place of a film holder and allows camera to use film take digital photographs.

Phase One announces IQ series of Digital Cameras
~ Phase One announces IQ series of Digital Cameras ~

The IQ180, IQ140 and IQ140 digital camera backs come with very high resolutions of 80, 60.5 and 40 megapixel, which are designed to be used on the medium-format cameras favored those professional photographers.

The leading IQ180 comes with a dynamic range of 12.5 f-stops shutter speed and it is the first camera back features a USB 3.0 connection for faster image transfer directly to the computer. It also comes with FireWire 800 connection to ensure the fastest capture speeds and allows a transfer rate of 786.432MB per second full-duplex.

Also, the IQ180 camera back has fast memory card interface that prevents buffering delays and supports continuous shooting at 0.7 frames per second until the memory card is full.

All these three models of camera backs have newly-designed 3.2-inch retina type, multi touch-screen that features 1.15 megapixel resolutions. Photographers can instantly check the details during a photo shoot or using the Focus Mask and the instant zoom function to capture perfect moments. The automatic adjustment of brightness and contrast enable the display visible at various light conditions.

The wide format display supports a full 4:3 aspect ratio VGA resolution image, highlight warning, EXIF data and touch controls. Beside the touch-screen, there are four physical buttons at the side for navigating the menu.

The IQ180 will be first shipped in April 2011 and the other two models IQ160 and IQ 140 will be shipped at the following month. The price for this IQ series of digital camera backs will start from $21,990 for the IQ140 model. All models come with a life-time (5-year) warranty.

Information via phaseone (PDF).


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