Parenting Tips (Part 2)

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Parenting tips Part 2
~ Parenting tips Part 2 ~

Take Home Gifts
If your child’s party is costing you quite a bit and now he is demanding goody bags for his friends to take home, go for inexpensive goodies. A slice of cake, a few sweets candy and some photocopied coloring in sheets should be more than good enough.

Go For Favorites
Do not forger those old favorites when it comes to party games. If you have got the space, “it” or “tag” is always a favorite and it has the added advantage of tiring the kids out so they will be calmer and hungry by the time you serve the food.

Pot Painting Challenge
A great theme for a kid’s party is pottery painting. And you do not have to go to a professional shop to do this. You can do it at home using clay flower-pots and poster paints. If the kids paint at the beginning of the party, the pots will be dry by the end and besides rewarding the best painted pots with prizes, everyone can take home their own pot as a party gift. Or if they like, they can exchange the pots among themselves.

Treasure Hunting
Another idea for a birthday party is a treasure hunt. Get the kids to work in teams or as a group to solve the clues, follow the map and find the treasure. Just make sure the hunt is not too long or cover too great an area as they will lose interest and get diverted.

Fire Their Imagination
As a general rule, children between four and sever will enjoy gifts that encourage imaginative play, stories, drawing and coloring. Choose puppets, dress-up outfits and games, or DVDs of their favorite characters.

Give a Helping Hand
If your child has been invited to a birthday party and you are unsure about leaving them, or there are going through a difficult time, why not ask the host if they could do with a pair of extra hands, they may jump at the chance.

Salvaging the Child’s Ego
If your child is prone to jealousy, why not make non-birthday presents a family tradition? Give the child who is not celebrating a birthday an inexpensive present, like a coloring book and crayons or inflatable football to help them feel included.

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