New Opera 11.10 supports for WebP, Turbo browse the web

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Opera has recently released its Opera 11.10 (Barracuda) browser with greatly improve browsing speed and features a fresh version Presto 2.8.131, which is the rendering engine that supports for Google’s WebP picture format, CSS, gradient and more.

Opera 11.10 supports for WebP, Turbo browse the web
~ Opera 11.10 supports for WebP, Turbo browse the web ~

It allows users to turn on the Opera Turbo to load webpages up to five times faster than other browsers, which is a good solution for those users, who connect with Wi-Fi in the sharing network with frustrating slow of connection speed.

By enable the Opera Turbo, webpages are compressed via the Opera’s servers and then load to the Opera browser, so it not only speeds up the web surfing but also minimizing the bandwidth for certain metered connections in the public places. It is save for privacy issues when connect to secured connections for bank or transmitting sensitive data because these data will not go through Opera’s servers.

Speed Dial allows users browse to their favorite websites with a single click. Users can have 4 to 25 websites in their Speed Dial and it can be changed or added from time to time.

Opera 11.10 has built-in Carakan JavaScript engine for speed enhancement while access to complex and animation webpages. It also supports for the latest HTML5, CSS3, linear gradients, multiple column display and it offers super fast and smooth graphics rendering by using its high-performance Vega graphics library.

More features from Opera 11.10 browser,
1. Easy customize the browser.
2. Access bookmarks instantly.
3. Re-open tabs that closed.
4. Protect a tab from closing.
5. Better view of tabs & able to save.
6. Stay in control of downloads.
7. Get suggestions as you search.
8. Integrated debug panel for developers.
9. Utilizes latest web technologies.
10. Keep the spelling in check.
11. Eliminate distractions of pop-ups ads.
12. Load plug-ins only when needed.
13. Run Widgets directly on the desktop.
14. Supports download using BitTorrent.
15. Smart options for wrong URLs entered.
16. Supports for geolocation.

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