Nokia launches beta version of Ovi Maps 3D

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Nokia has recently launched its beta version of Ovi Maps 3D on their Ovi’s web portal, which likes the Google Earth’s 3D view. This browser-based 3D maps can be rendered a true 3D views by zooming from the earth into the specific area, city.

Nokia beta version of Ovi Maps 3D
~ Nokia beta version of Ovi Maps 3D ~

Nokia Ovi Maps 3D was developed bases on Navteq’s maps and some complex software engines that allow users to view 3D graphics of various landmarks, building, rural area, major cities, famous places within the web browser.

In the beta version, there is some initial access to the major cities for several countries such as Italy, Spain, USA, Austria, Sweden, Denmark and so on. It is compatible with Firefox 3.0+ (Mac, Windows); Google Chrome 9.0+ (Mac, Windows); Internet Explorer 7.0+ (Windows); and Safari 4.0+ (Mac).

Beside the zoom in and out features, users can click on the direction arrows to move the view toward left, right, top or bottom; drag to rotate the view; change the 3D view angle; and turn on/ off for the street coverage on the area.

When navigate around the World using the mouse, users can,
1. Panning – Hold the left mouse button and move around to pan the map.
2. Rotation – Hold the right mouse button and move left/ right to change the rotation of the map.
3. Zoom – Double click with the left mouse to zoom in and with the right mouse button to zoom out.
4. Tilt – Hold the right mouse button and move up to increase the tilt level or move down to decrease it.

Information via ovi.


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