Nintendo 3DS will be available in North America

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Nintendo, the developer of video games, gaming consoles and one of the most influential in video games industries, has announced its Nintendo 3DS will be available in North America on 27th March 2011 for $249.99.

Nintendo 3DS will be available in North America
~ Nintendo 3DS will be available in North America ~

Nintendo 3DS is a portable game console, which was revealed about one year ago and released in Japan about 2 weeks ago. Nintendo 3DS can produce 3D effects without the need of any special glasses, and its stereoscopic 3D display makes it easier to see the position of characters and obstacles in the games, enrich the gaming experiences for all types of gamers.

This game console has built-in 3D Depth Slider that allows gamers to immediately adjust the intensity of the 3D settings on the Nintendo 3DS system. Gamers can turn off the 3D effect and play the 2D games in Nintendo 3DS game console. Nintendo 3DS comes with 2GB SDHC Memory card to store games, 3D photos, music and so on.

Nintendo 3DS is motion-compatible with its built-in motion sensor, and gyroscope sensor. It can react and respond instantly to the motion and tilt of the system. There are two screens, a wide-screen display on the top screen supports 800 x 240 pixel resolution display and bottom LCD touch screen supports 320 x 240 pixel resolution display, both screens capable to display 16.77 million colors.

More hardware features from Nintendo 3DS,
1. Analog Control – Full analog control in 3D game.
2. 3D Camera – Two outer cameras capable to create 3D photos.
3. Adjustable Stylus – An ideal of comfortable control while playing games.
4. Charging Cradle – Keep the game console powered while not in use.
5. StreetPass – Exchange game data like Mii characters, high scores with other gamers on the street.
6. SpotPass – Auto detect wireless hotspots or wireless LAN access points to obtain information, game data, free software, videos in sleep mode.

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