Lockitron enables users to lock/ unlock door with the phone

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Apigy has recently introduced the Lockitron, which combines both hardware and application to allow users lock and unlock the door remotely with their internet-enabled smartphone such as iPhone.

Lockitron to lock/ unlock door with the phone
~ Lockitron to lock/ unlock door with the phone ~

Users can activate the text message feature to enable their smartphone to use Lockitron to lock and unlock the door. It works by sending a signal from the smartphone through Lockitron’s servers to a small device that connects to the Internet router, so it can lock and unlock the door by text or email a unique virtual key code.

The Lockitron base-station needs to be plugged into a wired Ethernet connection and the USB remote fob plugs into the Lockitron base-station and sends the lock and unlock commands to the deadbolt unit, which requires four AA batteries as the power source.

Besides these, Lockitron is NFC enabled, which is more secure than traditional RFID cards because authetication is handled between the phone and the Lockitron service.

Lockitron is compatible with most of the popular lock styles; users can order a Lockitron Self-Install Kit for the complete components of the door lock. It is available between $300 and $500 depending on door lock style and the texting option for non-smartphone users is also available for $5 per month.

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