Kingston releases new DataTraveler 109 Flash Drives

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Kingston Technology, the multinational computer technology corporation that manufactures; sells and supports flash memory products, has recently announced the launch of their Kingston DataTraveler 109 Flash Drives.

Kingston new DataTraveler 109 Flash Drives
~ Kingston new DataTraveler 109 Flash Drives ~

Kingston DataTraveler 109 Flash Drives come with slim, portable design and they are stylish USB Flash drives available in seven colors. The flash drives support urDrive, which is a free application, helps to organize the documents, files, photos, videos, music and so on.

Each of DataTraveler 109 flash drive features a handy key loop that acts as keyring and offers passive storage that allows users to store and retrieve their data at anytime, anyplace. It has easy-to-use interface once connected to USB port and includes lot of features such as built-in photo viewer, web browser and MP3 player.

Besides these, the urDrive also offers access to online backup for more storage. Kingston DataTraveler 109 flash drives are now available in 8GB and 16GB.

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