Jolicloud releases new Joli OS version 1.2 Software

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Jolicloud is the developer of Joli OS, which is an Ubuntu-based Linux operating system specially designed for online desktop, user friendly interface for cloud computing applications. On 9th March 2011, Jolicloud was released the new version of Joli OS 1.2.

Jolicloud new Joli OS 1.2 Software
~ Jolicloud new Joli OS 1.2 Software ~

This new OS was previously called as Jolicloud and renamed to Joli OS since the new version 1.2 released. Joli Os is a portable online desktop that allows users to manage their entire cloud such as web applications, files and services across all their devices in one place.

Joli OS comes with easy installation with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G-modem and supports all the major brands of netbooks such as Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, MSI, Samsung, Sony and more. It is built on top of Ubuntu Netbook Edition as with that Linux distribution and the operating system incorporates a user interface built with HTML5.

It includes an application launcher, a library of compatible applications, a display of all devices associated with a user account and also a social activity stream that allows users to compare installed applications.

Have fun and give it a try for new browsing experience with Joli OS on your netbook or PC.

Information via jolicloud.


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