Intel introduces 10-core, Xeon E7 series processors

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Intel has recently introduced its newest high performance Xeon E7 series of processors for high-end computers and servers. Intel Xeon E7 series come with 10 cores, which is the first processor series to break the standard eight-core in the market and it can handle up to 20 simultaneous code threads through hyper-threading.

Intel's 10-core, Xeon E7 series processors
~ Intel’s 10-core, Xeon E7 series processors ~

These new series of processors deliver great performance for most of the data-demanding workloads with significant improved scalability and increased memory and Input/ Output capacity. Intel Xeon E7 series has built-in security features to maintain data integrity, accelerate encrypted transaction and maximize the reliability for the standard computer and high-volume servers to handle all the applications.

Intel Xeon E7 series has record-breaking virtualization capabilities to deliver higher VM densities and gives a performance boost up to 25% faster than other processor. It will dynamic reassign workloads, interconnect error detection, system recovery and all the chips are manufactured and based on a 32 nanometer, which improves 40% of the speed an more power efficient compared to its previous Xeon 7500 series.

These intelligent processors can automatically increasing processor frequency when high performance is needed and reducing power consumption when workloads are light. With the ranging from 1 to 256 sockets, it provides servers with exceptional flexibility and value while reducing footprints and power requirement.

Besides these, Intel Xeon E7 series comes with more advantages over the other processors.
1. It extends industry-leading enterprise performance on multi-socket processor-based servers.
2. Socket scaling supports systems up to 256 processors for most data-demanding workloads.
3. Best for highest levels of server consolidation, virtualization and enterprise applications.
4. 90% of cost savings for long run compared to older 4-socket systems using dual-core processors.
5. It supports up to 2.4GHz 10 core frequency; maximum memory capacity up to 4TB for 8 sockets.

The price range for the Intel Xeon E7 series will be from $774 to $4,616.

Information via intel.


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