I-O Data USB 3.0 HDPA-UT Series of HDD with 1TB Capacity

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I-O-Data, a Japanese computer peripheral manufacturer, has recently announced their new HDPA-UT series of 2.5-inch external USB 3.0 hard disk drives. This series of hard disk drives include both white and black color of models with storage capacities between 500GB and 1TB.

I-O Data USB 3.0 HDPA-UT Series of HDD
~ I-O Data USB 3.0 HDPA-UT Series of HDD ~

HDPA-UT Series offers a compact size of hard disks with 14mm for the 500GB model and 17mm for the 1TB model. It can be easily fix into the pocket or briefcase and also convenient users to carry and use it for data backup or store personal information from time to time.

Both models feature USB 3.0 technology for super-speed data transfer and it also backward compatible for standard USB 2.0 ports. The hard disk drives come with soft rubber, which is designed to prevent slipping on any surface and the casing is also scratch-resistant and designed with high-gloss coating.

This new HDPA-UT Series will be available at late February 2011 in Japan for about 12,500 Yen ($150) for 500GB model and 17,800 Yen ($214) for the 1TB model. Both models have included one-year warranty.

Information via iodata.


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