Google introduces its new Recipe View service

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Google has recently added its new Recipe View service on its web searches. This new service lets users to find food recipes across the web.

Google new Recipe View service
~ Google new Recipe View service ~

The new landing page for Recipe View allows users to key in a recipe or ingredient such like chili, bread, chicken pasta for further list of the results. Users can also refine their filtered results on the left-hand panel for ingredients, cook time or calories.

This new service benefits the users by finding the right recipe with higher rating, better ingredients and more pictures displayed on the results page. This will definitely save plenty of time for the web searchers to get the right recipe.

Although the Recipe View service has just launched, Google is working hard to collect and marked up those recipe information in web pages, so it could improve their search results for variety type of recipe all over the world.

For the publishers whose publish related recipe information on their website will be marked up by Google as long as the required microdata, RDFa (Resource Description Framework attributes) and microformat properties are not missing. Users can also preview how their content might look in search results by using the rich snippets testing tool.

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