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Since the launches of the Google Web Font directory at August 2010, it benefits all professional web designers and developers to use the available fonts for their creative web development. All the web fonts in the directory are published under open source licenses, so users can apply them on any commercial or non-commercial projects.

Google Free Web Fonts & Optimizing Tools
~ Google Free Web Fonts & Optimizing Tools ~

Google has also added plenty of new fonts, features, optimizing tools recently to their Web Fonts Directory to make the web load faster, delivering the lowest possible latency to the end users. With the Google Font API, it helps to minimize the performance impact of web fonts and gives developers a good practice for optimizing web page’s performance with summarizes the results of extensive measurements for any webpage.

Google Web Fonts service allows users to combine multiple fonts into a single request; load only the font files needed to render the text on the webpage; and use tools to analyze the webpage’s performance by display waterfall graphs, resource graphs and some useful information to improve the performance of web fonts.

Summary of the Google Font API,
1. More choice of high quality open source web fonts.
2. Compatible and work perfectly with most of the browsers.
3. Extremely easy to use and apply to the webpages effortlessly.
4. Just add a special stylesheet link from the webpage, the use the font freely in a CSS style.

Finally, users can use the WebFont Loader library for more control over the font loading. It is a JavaScript library that lets users to use multiple web-font providers.

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