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Google has recently enhanced its search engine for travelers by showing detailed flights results from the search. Users can now view a summary of the flights information right below the text box.

Google Search for Flights' Summaries
~ Google Search for Flights’ Summaries ~

The information includes the flights from and to a specific state or country and the available airlines that provided the services. By a single click on the schedule of non-stop flights, a list of scheduled flights’ timetable will be listed immediately.

Users can also click on a specific city in the search summary to check all flights from or to that airport, which is very convenient and useful for everyone. The flight information is available in multi-languages, which including the default English language, Brazilian, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Google new flight search tool has been integrated into their primary search engine after the acquisition of ITA, the airline data firm, and the approval from the government. This could be a very useful for some of the flight search process in much easy and faster way to get the immediate results.


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