Google Earth with 1 Billion downloads

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Google has recently announced their Google Earth reached one billion downloads since it was first introduced in year 2005. Beside the Google Earth, that is more than one billion downloads of their Google Earth desktop client, mobile apps and others plug-in.

Google Earth with 1 Billion downloads
~ Google Earth with 1 Billion downloads ~

Google Earth allows users to explore the world in seconds from country to another country; from land to ocean; from one area to another with their geospatial technology. It is a great tool to explore the world, learn unlimited stuffs, discover new, distant places and make the world a better place.

The origins of the Google Earth was established at year 2001 and the company has begun to develop and app using geospatial technology. In year 2004, the company was acquired by Google and the following year the Google Earth was launched.

Google Earth have been making huge improvement in technology that allows everyone to locate their geographical locations, explore more stunning features with the Google Earth plug-in or download the KML files to view in the Google Earth.

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