Fujitsu announces new Docomo Style Series F-04C in Japan

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Fujitsu, the leading provider of ICT-based business solutions for the global marketplace, has recently introduced its upcoming Docomo style series F-04C mobile phone. This new series of mobile phone will be available from NTT Docomo, Inc in Japan beginning at 19th January 2011.

Fujitsu's new Docomo Style Series F-04C
~ Fujitsu’s new Docomo Style Series F-04C ~

The new Docomo style series of F-04C mobile phone models have been designed in collaboration with three fashion brands, which are Cecial McBEE, Pinky Girls and Cocolulu. These three fashion brands are specially designed for teenage girls.

Each brand of mobile phone comes with a completely design, color scheme and keypad to its exterior design and detailing. The mobile phone itself is also loaded with variety of content, including Kisekae Tools and Deco-mail pictogram. Upon purchase of the phone, the package is included an original limited-release shopping bag and a stylus for writing, decorate photographs and navigation on the phone’s screen.

The F-04C has 1.3 megapixel front camera and 5.1 megapixel camera at the back of the phone that suppose major features that close to a digital camera such as face recognition, automatic scene recognition. Each model has 3-inch TFT color LCD full wide VGA screen with 480 x 854 pixel resolution display.

These mobile phones are further enhanced by the Kuru-kuru swivel key that makes the scrolling and pictographs selection through pages easily. Additionally a compact mirror has also been incorporated into the slide screen.

The F-04C mobile phone models have some key services, which include
1. Data Security Service.
2. World Wing international roaming (3G) – A roaming 3G service offered by Docomo.
3. 2in1 – A service for adding another phone number and email address to a single mobile phone.
4. i-Widget – For phone customization and access up to eight frequently used widget applications on i-Widget screen with a single press of a button.
5. Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access (Foma) High-speed (7.2Mbps) – A brand name of the W-CDMA-based 3G telecommunications services offered by NTT Docomo.
6. i-Bodymo – A health-support service that turn mobile phone into a useful tool to monitor daily physical activity, food intake and the health of your body.
7. DCMX – E-credit cards issued by Docomo that are stored in mobile phone on the ID platform. It usually used for small and fast purchases that no require signature.
8. i-concier – A helpful concierge-like push service that convenient for information updates, alerts according to the user’s location profile and personal preferences.

Information via fujitsu.


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