Freescale expands its family of i.MX50 processors

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Freescale, the global leader in embedded processing solutions, has recently expanded its portfolio of i.MX50 applications processors with three new members of the i.MX50 product family for the e-reader market.

Freescale's Family of i.MX50 Processors
~ Freescale’s Family of i.MX50 Processors ~

These three i.MX50 processors enable end devices to feature LCD and Electronic Paper Displays (EPDs) and each of them has integrated hardware-based display controllers and ARM Cortex A8 cores. i.MX50 processors are best to deliver a low-power streamlined solution for manufacturers, who are looking for ARM Cortex A8 performance, power savings, flexible design and easy-to-use features.

Currently the i.MX508 processor is still in production phase and i.MX50 products will be available in Q3 2011. The i.MX502 is the lowest-cost processor, which provides support for high performance and LCD-based applications such as phones, vending machines; the i.MX503 processor is best to supports OpenVG acceleration and those portable electronic products with advanced user interfaces such as medical monitoring tablets; the i.MX507 and i.MX508 processors are designed to support the EPD controller with different levels of graphics capabilities.

Besides these the i.MX50 family also supports power management technology. They feature a high level integration and only need a single-cell Lithium-ion polymer battery to operate with the end device. The samples of the i.MX502, i.MX503, i.MX507 are now available for whole sales of 10k units with an unit price for $9.97.

Information via freescale.


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