Facebook Skype-powered face to face video calling

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Facebook has announced its new Skype-powered video calling service for its users at the news conference at Facebook HQ on Wednesday after the company launched a new chat sidebar for multi-person chat few week ago. The new video calling feature rolled out by Facebook does not require users to have a Skype account but only require a one-time setup.

Facebook Skype-powered face to face video calling
~ Facebook Skype-powered face to face video calling ~

So users can use it by simply click on the “Call” button that appears between the “Message” and “Pole” buttons on a friend’s page or at the top right of the chat Windows. If the recipient is unavailable, users can leave a video message to them and the time and date of the missed call will be listed in ongoing message history with their friend.

Facebook will roll out the video calling in more than 70 languages over the next few weeks. The application runs on various standard browsers, which include Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari, but not compatible with Linux. For the users, who do not have the webcam, they still can use the video calling.

This will be the interesting comparison between the Facebook Skype-powered video calling and the Google+, which also includes video chat and group video chat within the network circle.

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    Olivia M. Doctor Says:

    i love it. hope on my fb soon…

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