DVDO introduces its new Mobile HD Travel Kit

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DVDO, the company that provides high-quality video processing solutions, has recently unveiled its all-in-one DVDO mobile HD Travel Kit, which is a portable MHL-to-HDMI adapter and multi-charger for people on the move. DVDO mobile allows users to charge their smartphone and tablet while viewing the content from the devices to a HD projector, monitor or even HD Television.

DVDO new Mobile HD Travel Kit
~ DVDO new Mobile HD Travel Kit ~

It allows users connect their MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) enabled smartphone or tablet to any HDTV with HDMI connection. It is absolutely portable and offers multiple charging options for different devices. The DVDO Mobile supports appropriate HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) commands.

It has an integrated 20-inch USB-A connector; an 8-inch micro-USB connector; a 46-inch total span with wrap-and-hide cable management; 36-inch HDMI connector. The multiple charging options include USB to PC connector and USB to AC charger. DVDO Mobile allows high-speed data transfer and device software updating.

DVDO Mobile is an innovative and cost-effective HD processing and connectivity products. It conveniences mobile workforce and easy viewing their personal media, photos, videos, music as well as applications on larger screen in homes, hotels or business venues with HDMI-enabled projectors.

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