Dreamtrap introduces EASYWAKEme waking system

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Dreamtrap, a hi-tech company that develops innovative gadgets and creative products, has recently announced the company will launch its new EASYWAKEme waking system in this coming July 2011. This will be the first waking system to support for the Symbian and Blackberry mobile platforms.

Dreamtrap EASYWAKEme waking system
~ Dreamtrap EASYWAKEme waking system ~

EASYWAKEme can detect the most optimal moment to wake the user up by monitoring their sleep. So user will feel totally alert, energized every time wake up in the morning.

This new waking system is different with regular alarm clock because it can tracks the body motion and detects sleep phases over the whole night. The Dreamtrap’s 3D Adaptive Sleep Capture (3D ASC) technology helps to detects body characteristics, tracks sleep duration and determines the best wake-up moment.

EASYMAKEme comes with a wearable sensor that compatible with most of the mobile phones and comfortable wear on the wrist while sleeping. It allows users to set the silent vibrating alarm mode or choose one of their favorite wake-up tones. Beside these, it also has a number of free services, which including sleep calendar and sleep charts to help better understand one’s sleep and make easy lifestyle changes.

It will be first launched in the UK for the suggested retail price of 99 Euros.

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