Digital Cowboy’s upcoming DC-MCNP2 Full HD DivX Box

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Hanwha Japan Co. Ltd, the developer and seller of IT products, has recently announced its Digital Cowboy brand new model of media player ~ Movie Cowboy DC-MCNP2 DivX box will start shipping at January 29th 2011 for 14,900 Yen or about $180.

Digital Cowboy DC-MCNP2 Full HD DivX Box
~ Digital Cowboy DC-MCNP2 Full HD DivX Box ~

DC-MCNP2 is the improved DivX box based on its previous DC-MCNP1 model with fan-less design and integrated with a large heat sink enclosure enfolding for better heat dissipation. It supports 7.1 channel audio, which uses a loss-less compression codec for full quality sound transmit to external device via HDMI interface.

DC-MCNP2 is also a multimedia player that supports various codec of video compression, so photos and High-Definition videos taken by any digital cameras and video recorders will be recognized by the DivX box and users can easily transmit the media content to HD Television via the HDMI output. DC-MCNP2 also supports decoding for AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) format of video recording.

DC-MCNP2 supports for MKV video container format, it allows users to playback the video in multi-track audio and display different subtitle, such as Japanese subtitles, English subtitles and so on.

Users can get the device connected to a wide range of wireless network and enjoy the data transfer rate between 56Mbps and 64Mbps. Besides these, it also supports for ISO and IFO files as well as AVC/ H.264, MPEG-1/ MPEG-2/ MPEG-4, WMV9, XviD, Motion Jpeg, MP3, WMA9, WMA9 Pro, AAC, AC3, OGG, PCM and Flac formats of video and audio.

More features from DC-MCNP2,
1. Playback Zoom feature to enlarge the favorite scene.
2. Twice increased network speeds compare to conventional models.
3. Resume function continues the scene which has been stopped previously.
4. Supports upload files from a web browser and download capabilities.
5. Preview feature for playing the opening video from the video files list.
6. NAS/ FTP server function support allows users to access to external network.
7. Free DDNS (Dynamic DNS) service allows users to access DDNS PC from anywhere.
8. File Manager Functions for file management and manipulation of the data remotely.
9. Connect to computer for windows file sharing support without any software installed.
10. Play Shortening feature for video fast-forward with sound. Average of 1.5 to 2 times of the fast-forwarding speed in the video.

The package also included the remote control.

Information via digitalcowboy.


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