CyberPower new Gaming Desktop with Intel Z68 Chipset

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CyberPower Inc., the nation-wide leading computer system manufacturer, has recently introduced its new gaming desktop and workstation that can be configured with motherboards based on the Intel Z68 chipset.

CyberPower Gaming Desktop with Intel Z68 Chipset
~ CyberPower Gaming Desktop with Intel Z68 Chipset ~

The Z68 chipset will come as a hybrid between the P67 and the H67 Platform Controller Hubs (PCHs), it enables integrated or discrete graphics and performance overclocking support, which allows CPUs overclock up to four bins from its turbo multiplier.

This chipset brings two new additional features, supports for the Lucid Virtu driver; supports for Intel’s Smart Response technology, which enables users to speed up the systems by using a low capacity Solid State Drive as a cache memory for the hard-disk drive.

The new workstation supports Intel’s second-generation Sandy Bridge chips and uses new GPU virtualization technology. Users can go through the online PC configurator webpage to build their own desktop with their desired cores and technology.

Besides these, the Z68 chipset will debut in CyberPower upcoming Power Mega series of graphics workstations. The starting price for the CyberPower Z68-based gaming desktop with a Sandy Bridge CPU and initial combination such as Intel Core i3-2100 CPU, 4GB RAM and Nvidia GTX 550 Ti Graphics card for $699. Also the upcoming Power Mega workstation series will have a starting price of $1199 for the initial setup.


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