AZio new Levetron Mech4 Gaming Keyboard

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AZio Corp., the manufacturer of computer peripherals and electronic gadgets, has recently introduced its new water resistant and drainage gutters Levetron mech4 Gaming Keyboard. This new keyboard is specially designed for computer games enthusiast.

AZio new Levetron Mech4 Gaming Keyboard
~ AZio new Levetron Mech4 Gaming Keyboard ~

Levetron Mech4 Gaming Keyboard has modular D-pad that can be adjusted for comfortable use of the keyboard. Its simplistic design has greatly improved the speed and accuracy by keeping five Macro keys at the place that can be easily reached.

The cherry mechanical switch features a linear design for rapid pressing of keys and prevents accidental key presses. It also extends the lifespan to 50 million keystrokes. This Keyboard allows unrestricted modular customization and it lets users to add 17 additional Macro keys.

The included software enables the full customization of the keyboard and the dedicated Macro-keys. The add-on Macro D-Pad expansion brings the six additional programmable keys and the expansion rail can be customized position by sliding the D-Pad to left or right.

Besides these, it can disable the Windows key to prevent accidental pressing during the games play and gamers can control the volume of their PC by turning a knob on the keyboard. It supports braided cable and gold-plated connectors for enhanced durability and conductivity.

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