Cregle iPen, the first active stylus for Appple iPad

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Cregle iPen, the active stylus specially designed for Apple’s iPad, which can transform the iPad into a content creation device with precise handwriting and drawing.

Cregle iPen, the first active stylus for Appple iPad
~ Cregle iPen, the first active stylus for Appple iPad ~

This new active digitizer stylus is just like a high-quality ball-point pen that allows users to write precession directly on the iPad. It is unlikely the passive digitizer stylus used in the typical iPad stylus and iPen can write like a real pen with accurate positioning and palm rejection features.

The advantage of the iPen the is capability to transmit 60 samples per second to pinpoint the pen’s exact location. It is unique in three aspects, which are proximity sensitivity; precise handwriting and drawing; as well as palm rejection.

iPen comes with an external receiver that can be attached to the iPad UART port to gather iPen’s ultrasonic and infra-red signal to identify the handwriting and drawing location on the iPad’s screen. iPen will work on the various apps such as Ghostwriter Notes; My Notebook!; iWriteWords; GoodNotes; ArtRage; forScore; ibisPaint; Notes Plus; pdf-notes; Procreate; Sketch Club; SpeedText; TacticsView; TouchDraw; Writing Kana and so on.


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