Wet Circuits water resistant power strip

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Shohero Technologies Ltd., the Taiwan-based company, has recently announced the Wet Circuits GF-3401 water-proof power strip that designed with special material to prevent the flow of electricity when in contact with water and also it is manufactured with poison free materials.

Wet Circuits water resistant power strip
~ Wet Circuits water resistant power strip ~

The power strip can protect users from an electric shock and continue to function when accidentally water spilled on the power outlets. It is protecting the circuitry within, so users can minimize the risk of injury from physical contact the power strip with wet hands. Wet Circuits power strip has been manufactured with stringent protocols to ensure the usage and safety quality.

Based on the experiment, the power strip can be last longer for two hours under the water tank before the special protective material malfunctioned, this should be long enough time to prevent any accidentally water spilled on the power strip.

Beside these, each outlet on the power strip is independently wired and electricity will only flow once the plug is fully inserted into the outlet. If any one of the outlet not working and will not effect others to work properly.

Sometimes, fires are caused by the overheating of extension cords and overheating of extension cords can occurs at the plug, at the socket or over entire length of the cord. Wet Circuits power strip is designed with circuit breaker that will discontinues any flow of the electricity when the temperature reach between 221 to 239 Fahrenheit or 105 to 115 Celsius to prevent overheating of the extension cords.

Also, it helps to prevent blue sparks that always occurs when plugging an appliance into the power socket. These blue sparks might lead to possible fire when overheated of the plastic plates, so Wet Circuits power strip is best to prevent this happen and keeping the users safe all the time.

Wet Circuits has four times lifespan compare to others normal power strip, which is estimated for 5,000 times of plug and unplug. Wet Circuits can have 20,000 time, if the users unplug three time a day, then the outlet can last for 18 years.

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