WakeMate helps you sleeping and waking better

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Perfect Third, a new start-up company, is offering a sleep analysis kit ~ WakeMate. WakeMate appears to be the company first product that workable with your iPhone and connectible via the Bluetooth handsets.

Sometimes, after sleeping, you may still feel tire because you might having a poor quality sleep patterns during the whole night. So, here is the WakeMate that offer the users to have proper sleep patterns and how to improve their sleep every night. The WakeMate uses actigraphy and the wearable wristband to analyze your sleep motion. The motion data is then analyzed to determine sleep patterns and circadian rhythms.

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The package is come with the wristband that allows the users to tracks movements during the sleep. The motion data is collected and analyzed to determine sleep patterns, circadian rhythms and sent to a bluetooth supported device such like iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm in Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile platform.

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WakeMate helps to monitor and analysis your sleep pattern then uses the collected data to wake you up at the optimal point in your sleep cycle. For example, in a 20-minutes wake up Window and the WakeMate will identify an optimal point for you to wake up within the time line. An optimal point occurs once every 20 minutes and waking at one of them will leave the users feeling as alert and energized as possible. These optimal points are specific points in your Rapid Eye Movement (REM) cycle called arousal points. Waking at these times will result in minimal sleep inertia and maximum energy and refreshment from sleep.

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The WakeMate program can also be used to analyze a users’ sleep overview, and give them a rating on how restful their sleep was. It helps improve their sleep based on a list of analyzed data, which have been collected for a few nights during their sleeping moment.

WakeMate is now open for pre-order at $44.99 and estimate to be shipped on 25th January 2010. Information via wakemate.


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