Vivu’s VuRoom, video collaboration plug-in for Skype

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Vivu, Inc., a leader in providing live streaming video and conference solutions, has released its new VuRoom plug-in for the Skype on 20th January 2010. VuRoom is a software that built on the Skype platform that allows Skype users to perform instant multi-user video conference among the other Skype users.

VuRoom is designed to help remote business users to collaborate in real-time within a virtual conference room for time and money saving while overcomes the limitation of long distance. It has desktop sharing capability, multimedia presentation and so on.

Vivu's VuRoom, video collaboration plug-in for Skype
Its easy to use interface makes it more user friendly. VuRoom optimal video routing in the cloud computing to ensure the high quality video delivered, enhanced experience in real-time communication and collaboration. Vivu makes real-time communications more efficient, smarter and work better among the business partners from different places and time zone.

To initial the multi-user conference, the meeting host need to download and install the VuRoom plug-in and install it on their own computer, then the host can select the contacts they want to conference with from their Skype contact list. They can also right click to select “Call a Group” option to start the group conference session. Other than the host, other participate users may not need to have VuRoom plug-in installed to join in the video conference. They can join by click on the URL provided in their text chat window from the host.

Summary the features offered by the VuRoom,
1. Multi-party video conference.
2. Share multimedia, videos and desktop.
3. Invite any Skype users, who are not logged in to Skype.
4. VuRoom users can store content in their personal Vivu folder.
5. Anyone with a browser and telephone can participate in the conference.

VuRoom is now available for both Windows (Version 3.0+) and Macintosh (Version 2.0+) platforms. This plug-in can be downloaded from their official website for a price $9.95 per month.

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