Toshiba latest Blu-ray recorders and player

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Blu-ray Disc is an optical disc storage medium that designed to replace the standard DVD format. It is mainly used for storing high-definition videos; video games and other large amount of data information.

On 14th January 2010, Toshiba Corporation, the world’s fifth largest personal computer manufacturer, had announced that the company is ready to ship its latest three Blu-ray recorders and one Blu-ray player in Japan in this coming mid-February. This will be Toshiba’s first Blu-ray recorders to hit the Japan market soon.

Blu-ray D-B305k
Toshiba Blu-ray D-B305k recorder

Blu-ray D-B1005K
Toshiba Blu-ray D-B1005K recorder

Blu-ray D-BW1005K
Toshiba Blu-ray D-BW1005K recorder
These three new Blu-ray recorders are branded “VARDIA” as the new product series. The Blu-ray D-B305k model with 320GB hard disk drive will be available for $1,100; the D-B1005K model with 1TB hard disk drive for $1,400 and users have the choice to get the D-BW1005K, which is a Video Tape Recorder (VTR) integrated with Blu-ray recorder. D-BW1005K is the Video Home System (VHS) and Blu-ray Disc combo comes with VHS tape deck and makes the video easily to be recorded on a tape to dub to DVD disc.

These three new recorders allow users to copy media or files from DVD to Blu-ray or vice verse. All models have HDMI-Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) support; USB port; LAN connectivity; an SD memory card slot; remote control and compatible with high definition Television. All models feature a 12bit/ 148MHz; image DAC and a 192KHz/ 24bit Audio DAC; 2 digital terrestrial Television tuners, 2 BS digital broadcasting; 2 digital CS Television tuners and a terrestrial analog broadcasting.

Both D-B1005K and D-BW1005K models are designed based on high demand from users, both models equipped with a maximum of approximately one hour in length HD videos to be recorded.

Currently, Toshiba is selling only one Blu-ray player (BDX2000), and soon the new Blu-ray player SD-BD1K will be released at the same time along with the three latest models of Blu-ray recorders. SD-BD1K features with many high quality playback, smoother texture. It supports AVCREC and AVCHD disc record/ playback in Jpeg, Mp3, Wma formats.

Information via toshiba (From Japanese Version).


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    blu-ray disc ppl started to use it since last year……the movie using blu-ray disc really clear…..haha

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