Switch Global Warming Off

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Global warming is more than just a matter of bad weather. Every little step that we take towards saving energy makes an impact on the environment, which in turn will affect our lives as well. For example, switching one incandescent light bulb for an energy-saving light bulb can save 80% in energy consumption.

Switch Global Warming Off
~ Switch Global Warming Off ~

* based on electrical Tariff A (Domestic) as of 1st March 2009 with usage of 1KWh to 200KWh per months. (RM0.218 per KWh).

At this time, effort in educating people on renewable energy, energy efficiency and teaching children all over the world on how small changes in their lifestyle can make a difference to save the Earth.

Everyone could help out environment by making the switch to energy-efficient lighting solutions. Because remember, we share a joint responsibility to protect our planet and together, we can save our Earth. All with just a simple switch that would bring a powerful change to the world. Change inspired by the Earth. Simplicity inspired by you.

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