Sony plans to commercial its atracTable in June 2010

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Back to year 2008, the Swiss company Atracsys had come out a finished prototype of multi-touch atracTable and sold its technology to Sony. The atracTable then demonstrated at Vision 2009 in Stuttgart last year.

Sony atracTable Interactive Surface Console 01
More than a year effort, Sony now is planing to commercial its new evolution of 35-inch atracTable in this coming June 2010 to compete against Microsoft Surface. The atracTable interactive surface console can produce a high definition and high resolution of full screen display on it surface.

Sony atracTable Interactive Surface Console 02
Some similar theory and working manner like Microsoft Surface, the atracTable allows users place devices on the surface, and then system can recognize the objects placed on it and react accordingly. The interface can track the body movement, emotions and it can be controlled by gesture.

The system includes two built-in Sony ISS XCD-V60 cameras that incorporate 1/3 type progressive scan CCD (Charge Couple Device) and achieves up to 90 fps at VGA resolution, that make the atracTable capable for high speed capturing, recognition, inspection, measurement and even alignment for the object that placed on the surface.

The cameras can detect the motions input by the users, allow creating 3D images from the objects it captured and even can be used to control a cursor, avatar or robot.

Atracsys’s CEO claimed the unit can be used in virtually any scenario such like gaming, industrial medical or retail. The price for the atracTable has not been disclosed, but it is estimated to be the same price as Microsoft Surface which is about $12,500 for the commercial version.


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