SoftBank introduces Mimamori cellphone camera

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SoftBank Mobile Corp., the Japanese subsidiary company of mobile phone operator SoftBank, has recently announced the company is going to roll out its Mimamori Camera model Z001 and Z002, which are the innovative house and pet monitoring systems.

Camera model Z001 (104 x 101 x 101 mm)
SoftBank Mimamori cellphone camera 01
The Mimamori cameras are specially designed for the end users to real-time monitoring their house and pet remotely via their cellphone. Mimamori are the 3G communications cameras that offer security and protection for pets and house’s property assets while the house owners are away from their house.

Camera model Z002 (105 x 112 x 85 mm)
SoftBank Mimamori cellphone camera 02
Users can set up Mimamori camera in their house and call the number of the camera, then the camera will be activated and start monitoring the house remotely. Users can even talk to their pet via microphone. Users can also SMS to instruct the Mimamori camera to snap a photo, and it will send the captured image back to users’ cellphone via MMS service.

The camera has a 300,000 pixels sensor and it has certain movement range, which are 35 degrees to the left and right, 40 degrees for upward direction and 5 degrees for downwards direction. The camera angle can be turned about 53 degrees with digital zoom up to three times. The advantage of Mimamori cameras are the independent web cameras that do not need to be installed permanently somewhere inside or outside the house, but it is free to be placed at anywhere as the users like to.

Both models have built-in motion detection feature with optical sensing (Infrared Illuminator), which can monitor and detect any movement in the house within 5 meters. If any movement detected, it will notify the users via MMS or an email. Mimamori cameras come with microSD card slot for memory expansion. It saves the photo format in Jpeg (640 x 480 pixels) and movie format in 3GP (176 x 144 pixels).

Both SoftBank Mimamori cameras are powered via the AC adapter only but not battery in this moment and still under development. SoftBank estimates these products will be released at the end of September 2010.

Information via softbankmobile.


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