Smart Modular announces XceedIOPS SAS Solid State Drive

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Smart Modular Technologies, the independent manufacturer of solid state storage and memory modules, has recently announced its latest XceedIOPS SAS 2.5-inch Solid State Drive (SSD) for high-performance supercomputer.

Smart Modular's XceedIOPS SAS Solid State Drive
~ Smart Modular’s XceedIOPS SAS Solid State Drive ~

The XceedIOPS SAS SSD utilizes the latest 34nm enterprise-grade multi-level-cell (E-MLC) NAND flash technology, which makes the drive capable to provide substantial higher levels of performance to meet the critical data management requirement of the system.

The drive is solid enough to provide superior endurance and a minimum five-year of operational life in heavy workload and resource intensive environments. It is the best storage solution for most of the servers that require long lifetimes with high reliability and data integrity at all the time.

The XceedIOPS SAS SSD can reach up to 250MB/ 230MB per second of read/ write sequential speeds, the IOPS calculation can reach 26,000 and 20,000 for random reads and writes. It indicates the maximum sustained bandwidth that a storage device can handle.

More features of the XceedIOPS SAS SSD,
1. Powerful ECC engine.
2. Data path protection.
3. Data fail recovery.
4. Power fail recovery.
5. Staggered power on.
6. Performance throttling.
7. Temperature throttling.
8. Data integrity monitoring.
9. Enterprise-Grade MLC NAND flash.
10. Comprehensive S.M.A.R.T attributes.

Beside these, XceedIOPS SAS SSD also offers an extensive error-correction and detection features; multi-level data path and code protection; data loss recovery; and active thermal management to improve the overall performance, reliability and data integrity.

Information via smartm.


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