Shogo, the open-source Linux Tablet starts for pre-order

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Redstar Inc., a Jananese-based company, has started to take pre-order for the Shogo tablet by Realease. Realease Ltd. is a technology product design company that offering their clients and partners with a platform, material and software on top of which their clients and partners able to build their own solutions and services.

Shogo, the open-source Linux Tablet
~ Shogo, the open-source Linux Tablet ~

This revolutionary Shogo tablet was first introduced at 15th April 2010 and came with development tools and source codes, which allow developers to customize it and add their own applications to create their new products and solutions.

The Shogo is a 10.1-inch (1024 x 600) ideal tablet platform for evaluation, development and prototyping on FreeScala iMX-27 and iMX-51 processor family. It comes with multi-touch capacitive panel, 4GB of internal memory, 256MB of RAM and supports for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies.

Shogo’s platform is open to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and third party developers. It has ready to use Qt 4.6.3 development framework, which allows developers to use Qt on a powerful tablet design. Its up-to-date HTML5 Webkit and latest flavor of CSS3 media make it possible for the developers to start with HTML5 and JavaScript rapid development; prototyping with Perl and C/C++. Its application software and file system are upgradeable over the Internet.

Shogo’ platform is Linux 2.6.28 based on Angstrom distribution compiled with openembedded. It has webkit browser, SQLite database, multimedia player and supports for Adobe Flash 10. It has two internal USB connectors, which allow developers to expand the existing feature set to fit their requirements such like 3G connectivity, ZigBee, extra storage and so on.

Information via realease.


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