Sencha introduces new CSS3 Animation Software

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Sencha, the application frameworks maker for cross-platform rich Internet applications; comprehensive mobile user interface widget-set; extensible component model and an easy-to-use intuitive API, has recently announced Sencha Animator, which is a powerful desktop application to create CSS3 animations for Webkit browsers and touch-screen mobile devices.

Sencha CSS3 Animation Software
~ Sencha CSS3 Animation Software ~

Sencha Animator is also the alternative software tool to create animations without the dependency of third-party plug-ins or writing any CSS code. This GUI-based software helps designers to create animation quickly and easily that capable to run on Webkit browsers.

Sencha Animator outputs the pure CSS3 animation code, so it is hardware accelerated on Apple iOS, Android and even BlackBerry OS6 mobile platforms. With the Sencha Animator, designers benefit with the CSS3 capabilities such like gradients, blurs, reflections and shadows.

Sencha Animator enables designers to create rich media animations for HTML5-enabled devices. It has simple objects such like text, shapes, image that can be placed onto a re-sizable stage area, configure the properties and animate the objects in 2D or 3D effect. Designers can also work with any JavaScript library instead of the only Sencha’s library. It extends the usability and wide range of working platform for the designers.

There are two editions available for Sencha Animator, which are Standard Edition and Ad Builder Edition. Standard Edition is best for building normal web animations, whereas Ad Builder Edition is specially designed for advertising companies to create sophisticated, creative and innovative animations.

Highlighted features for Sencha Animator,
1. CSS3 Ads – It helps to increase the CPM with rich experiences.
2. Works with Touch – It allows designers to export the code to their applications.
3. Rich Timeline – It has plenty of features make interactive development fast and comfortable.
4. CSS3 Support – It offers designers to build applications that compatible with latest web standards.

Additionally, Sencha Animator in written in ExtJS, which helps to short-cut in development time and deliver the products on multiple platforms.

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