Seiko first wristwatch with active-matrix e-ink display

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Seiko, the well known Japanese watch company, has recently announced the company will soon release the first wristwatch with an active matrix e-ink display. Seiko claims this is the “Future Now” project to deliver a new generation e-link watch and it will also be the world’s first EPD (Electronic Paper Display) watch with an active matrix system.

Seiko first wristwatch with active-matrix e-ink display
This wristwatch delivers 300 dpi of display and it has 80,000 pixels and each of the pixel can display one of four grey scale shades. The information can display clear and three times finer than normal watch via its LCD screen in black and white colors.

Seiko wristwatch technology
The new technology of matrix system allows display with multitude of tiny dots, that enable of showing any shapes in any position. Compares with standard segment system, it only allows display with pre-set segments in specific shapes at fixed position. This EPD wristwatch supports conceptual rendering, which control the number of black and white particles in the micro capsules.

The system allows the figures, text and graphics are customizable and various programmable ways, for example, the date information can be laid out differently and resized based on the amount of information to be shown in a fixed area because the watch has few hundred pre-positioned segments. It can display both the local and world time in major cities and a photo of Earth.

Besides these, Seiko has succeed to make this EPD wristwatch with minimum power consumption to extend the battery life. It only requires 1/100th of the power needed for the date time display.

Information via seikowatches.


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